Installation guide

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  • Operating systems: Linux, MacOS & Windows.
  • Python versions: 3.5 - 3.7. & 64-bit version only (32-bit python is not supported)

Basic requirements

We suppose that pip is already installed.

Also, please make sure you have setuptools and wheel installed, which is usually the case if pip is installed. If not, you can install both by running the following commands respectively: pip install setuptools and pip install wheel.

Preparation (MacOS only)

For MacOS users only, OpenMP is required. You can install it by the following command: brew install libomp.


You can choose to install MLBox either from pip or from the Github.

Install from pip

Official releases of MLBox are available on PyPI, so you only need to run the following command:

$ pip install mlbox

Install from the Github

If you want to get the latest features, you can also install MLBox from the Github.

  • The sources for MLBox can be downloaded from the Github repo.

    • You can either clone the public repository:
    $ git clone git://
    $ curl  -OL
  • Once you have a copy of the source, you can install it:

    $ cd MLBox
    $ python install


If you get any troubles during installation, you can refer to the issues.

Please first check that there are no similar issues opened before opening one.